FREE Printable Tropical Pink Frame Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Need some inspiration for your special event and are you struggling to draft an invitation card? Take a deep breath, because there’s nothing wrong with them, and having such thoughts to ask your best friend or doing a little search about how to draft an invitation card is completely acceptable. Perhaps you can directly hand over your job to local printing shop, but why won’t you handle it at your home instead of spending your money on someone for your special event, with your own touch you can makes it even more precious.

In our site, you can browse various kinds of template designs, feel free to use them as your reference and it’s absolutely free. We all knows that drafting an invitation card is a daunting task, mainly if it’s your special event like a wedding party or even kind of mini shower party for your precious baby. For that reason, today we have something special to share it with you, these Tropical Pink Frame will help you for sure. They will attract your guests’ eyes and crack their smile even after they just looked at your invitation card.

This template comes in a variety of style, you can choose which styles do you prefer, it features a uniquely shaped frame design with a dazzling touch of gold accents on top of them. We also put many aesthetic green leaves to decorate your invitation with a nice tropical vibes. Can you imagine how amazed your guests with your Tropical Pink Frame invitation card, they will surely go to your party and give you lost of support.







How to open and edit your template

We got some recommendation for you, use a simple app for editing photos like Ms. Paint if you’re using Windows, or use Preview or Paintbrush if you are Mac user. In here, you can put your own preferred text and match your font color with the Lavender Roses color, and how does it goes? Here they are:

  • Open your template and find the “A” menu to insert your text (On the left side of Brush tool).
  • To match your font color, find the little eye dropper tool

(It’s located inside “Tools” tab between eraser and magnifier tools).

  • Select it and click which part of the image you want to pick the color for, and your chosen color will be selected as the Color 1 swatch and now you can add text on your image and the text color will be matched with your Lavender Roses color.

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