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by Andrew

We all know to every kids would love to watch Toy Story movie? Toy Story without a doubt is one of the most iconic Disney series ever created. Comes with 4th series, they teach us a lesson about how love defines us. It brings you up with every details and emotions, we might have laughed at the beginning, cried when their scene touches your heart, and in the end we will always smiled when the happy endings appear. Toy Story has become such a way of life. By the way, you can arrange your kid’s birthday and use this memorable theme for your baby’s upcoming party.

This Toy Story-inspired theme can help you to skip the long-planning process of crafting your own invitation cards and to maintain your budget as effective as possible. Capture their special moment with these perfectly handmade template design, comes in baby-blue sky background and on top of them, we put a pretty blow-clouds to liven up the atmosphere. Toy Story’s figures such as, Woody, Buzz Light-year, Rex and aliens will be there to give your guests an idea about your baby’s upcoming joyful and delightful shower party. A complete “Boy Story” invitation card.







You can browse another themes on our site, from the Animal world to your baby’s favorite cartoon movies. You can check and download them for free. To download your favorite templates, you only need a few steps, Right-click your selected template, then choose “save image as” and your download will be automatically started right away.

You can add some details on it like where the party is going to be held and wordings. You can customize your templates to match your own preference. Here is a few things for you as a reference,

It’s A Boy Story Baby Shower


His or her Name

So we’re throwing him a shower

Date | Time

(Where the party is going to be held)

Your name

You can also put his cute photo on the available spaces to crack your guests even they just had received your invitation card and surely they are ready to shower your baby with lots of love and sweet gifts. Use a simple app like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop if you want to find something that has more options.

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