Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations

by b3dj0

Our free printable tea party baby shower invitations might be something you need right now. Besides we provide the free templates, you can always edit and customize the template so it suits your need.

Yes, this template is free but for personal uses only. Feel free to customize it as you need but make sure you are not making benefits of it. Using this theme for us is going to be the most unique yet beautiful baby shower invitation especially if you are expecting a baby girl soon.

But before you download the template of tea party baby shower invitations, you may need to customize several things here and there. There will be the dedicated space for the details of your party such as the name of the mother, the date of the event, the location of the party, and other details of information needed for the guests. The image of teapot with flowers is just girly and cute enough for a baby shower.






We highly recommend you to use the formal font for such important information so people can read it clearly. Meanwhile, you can use another font to write your name so it will look more dynamic and cute.

Once you are done with the customization thing, you can download the ready template. Later, the template can be printed on pieces of paper. When it comes to printing an invitation, you need the proper paper type and size. Generally, an invitation will be in 5 x 7 inches.

Since you will need a thick type of paper, we recommend you to use linen paper that can be found at the paper stores. Linen paper is suitable for an invitation because it is not too thin or thick as well. It has such a fine texture and the result might be really great if you print the tea party baby shower invitations using the inkjet printer.

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