(FREE Printable) – Superman Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

What would I do? If I was a superhero, and what power would I want to have?” As a kid you would say something like being able to fly like Superman, having a super-awesome techy-suit like Iron Man, or having such ability to be invisible, so you can do a little prank on your friends. In these day, Superhero kind of parties might be the wackiest and funniest party that your kids will ever have, that is why it’s such a popular party theme these days.

Much likely Marvel Superheroes, DC Leagues also catches everyone’s heart right on the chord, for example; Superman, you already knew that, right? Who won’t their party will be filled up with many Super power heroes? Our gallery has various kinds of invitations design, and here are some of our favorite Superman invitation template.

These invitation could be the best and the most favorite invitation design that your guests has ever seen. Can you imagine how cool is that? Hmm. To realize your dream as well as your kid’s fantasy into reality, you will need to begin the designing process, yeah, that’s true! You need to craft your own Superman themed invitations.


Free Printable Superman Birthday Invitation Templates With Man Of Steel Background and Portrait Design


Create something extraordinary for your little superhero with these six different types of super-awesome Superman invitations. Without sacrificing any details, on the bottom section of the card you can still do a little customization to them, add detailed information of the party. Make sure the font sizes are readable for your guest, and give your guest a guidance or direction of where the party will be held.


Free Printable Superman Birthday Invitation Templates With Sun Rays Background and Superman Logo


Free Printable Superman Birthday Invitation Templates With Building and Superman Suit


Free Printable Superman Birthday Invitation Templates With Space For Party Details


How To Download

  • Choose your favorite design
  • Right Click the template and Select “Save Image As”
  • Locate where the file will be saved in your device
  • Tap “Enter” on your keyboard to start the download process.


Free Printable Superman Birthday Invitation Templates With Flying Action


Free Printable Superman Birthday Invitation Templates With DC Comic theme

Beeshower’s Tips

A. Superman Birthday Invitation Wording

Throw On Your Cape & Let’s Play!

(Name) Needs Help Saving The Day

Super (Name)’s

7th Birthday!

Saturday, May 18th

3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

At (Name)’s Headquarters

333 Chapel Street

RSVP To Mommy

(123) – 45678

B. Favorite Details

  • Pedestal dessert spread
  • Superman Cake
  • Custom Superman backdrop + signage
  • Superman themed sugar cookies
  • Superman Cape centerpieces
  • Balloon arch
  • And more!

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