(FREE Printable) – Superhero Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Every kids and even adults will be falling in love with superheroes, from movies to action figures, and you might have a thought and asked on yourself with these question, “What would I do? If I was a superhero, and what power would i want to have?” As a kid you would said something like being able to fly like superman and iron man, or having such ability to be invisible, so you can do a little prank on your friends. In these day, Superhero parties might be the wackiest and funniest party that your kids will ever have, that is why it’s such a popular party theme these days. What child doesn’t wish they had a super power? Our gallery has various kinds of invitations design, and here are some of our favorite superhero party ideas.

Are you looking for some inspiration? But couldn’t find an invitation that suit your sweet? Fortunately, you’ve come and found at the right place, our collection will help you for sure. How about these one? An amazing design that was taken from the famous Marvel’s Superheroes. With these incredible superhero party ideas you will be proud to have them as your invitation card and sent them all to everyone!  These ideas will make you wish you were a kid again. There is available space for you to put your own wording in the designated text-box. Feel free to get creative with your own personal touches and style, using the language that feels right for both of you and your partner.







Our template is compatible with the most printer device out there, so you can single-handled it at your home. Can’t wait to have them? Just click on the template and new page will be shown, then right click & choose “save image as” to download it in to your computer. Printing paper comes with various kinds of textures, types and colors. You can get some information from the internet, or you can use our suggestion to pick card-stock paper as your printing material. Pick the thinner one as it’s a lot easier to deal with and you don’t need to have a custom print job from printing shop only if you are going to use the thicker card-stock paper.

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