(FREE Printable) – Super Cool Hot Wheels Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

When your kids love his cool hot wheel diecast so much, you probably have an idea to give him a little present for his upcoming birthday. Kids build skills naturally through play. They practice cognitive, emotional and improve their social and motoric skills such as how to balance and push their favorite hot wheels toys as well as to teach your child how to sort and help them to discover shapes with assembling various hot wheel’s speed-track and accessories.

Why won’t you get started to realize your baby’s dream into a perfect shower party, boost his confidence to show off his upcoming birthday with our Hot wheels party invitation template. You already knew how awesome it was, right? Nothing can beat these extraordinary design, your Hot Wheels inspired party will be stunning everyone in your list, especially your kid’s friends.

All of these template is specially made for you guys! So you don’t have to worry about it. This template comes with super-duper awesome looking design, such as nerve-wracking scene of super car drifting on wildland track as well as a racer flag to smoothly split the header and footer.


Free Printable Hot Wheel Invitation Templates With Drifting Car and Black Background


Free Printable Hot Wheel Invitation Templates With Quadro Hot Wheels and Party Details


Free Printable Hot Wheel Invitation Templates With Hot Wheels Logo and Portrait Orientation


Free Printable Hot Wheel Invitation Templates With Starry Night Background


Free Printable Hot Wheel Invitation Templates With Lava Track


Free Printable Hot Wheel Invitation Templates With 360 Loops Track and Racer Flag

There is an available space for you to add your party detail and photo, this one would give you another bonus to boost your guest’s impression as well as encourage them to come and shower your precious baby with warm wishes and sweet gifts. Crafting your invitation using this template are not only cuts down the long process, but also helps you solve your budget problem.

Adding some rhyme words or quotes is also a good idea to go, and while a cute little rhymes or catchy phrases are important, don’t forget to include your details on the invitation cards. A baby shower invitation should consist these following items:

  • Opening: Rhymes Word or Wording
  • Baby’s or Mommy’s Name
  • Day & Date
  • Location (Where the party is going to be held)
  • Time (Choose between 9am to 7pm, you should be considered to your baby’s time for sleep) and so on.
  • Dress code & RSVP (If there is any)

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