FREE Printable Rocking Horse Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Looking for something unique for your baby shower party?

          You have come at the right place, our site provides a variety type of template design and you don’t have to spend your little cash because it’s absolutely free. In this beautiful day, we are going to share something fresh that has uniquely shaped template to be used in your baby shower invitation. Remember, your invitation cards will be the first glimpse of your guests to attract them to your special baby shower party.

This Rocking Horse design, we can guarantee you that these one will make your guests crack their smile while looking at your adorable invitation card, which will standout unlike the other one. It has both charming and stunning design. The main layer of the invite will be filled up with our lovely colorful rainbow stripes along with beautifully shaped text box to put your own text and a small detail on it. On top of the text box, we put an adorable Rocking Horse, there are six styles of them – then choose which rocker is your favorite.







Choosing your paper for the invitation card

Having to select which paper are you going to use is kinda hard, especially it’s your first time seeing and planning baby shower party. There are many types of paper out there, here are a few lists of paper material:

  • Standard Paper/Text paper, this paper is perfect material for company letterheads.
  • Cardstock is the most widely known for this type of occasion, this paper doesn’t easily bent and it can be easily found in a verity of textures, decoration and finishes.

We suggest you to use cardstock paper instead of the other one, as you can find it easily at your nearby shop if you’re planning to handle it by yourself. For the standard print-sizes is 5×7 inches. If you are ready to start your project and already choose your favorite template, you can download it for free. The first thing you need to do is finding your mouse (:D), and if you’ve found it, grab your mouse and right-click your mouse button on top of your selected template, then go for “save image as” and save the file on your desktop or local drives.

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