(FREE Printable) – Rainbow Party Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

You might had a question about what makes the baby shower party is important, not only for the baby but for you as well.  Hope these straight-forward answer can help you, it’s all about fun and productive! When we recall the past, we usually find that the simplest things in retrospect give you the greatest glow of happiness. Planning a baby shower party can help you to feel less overwhelmed and it can also relieve your stress and anxiety. The best therapy for this kinda case are simple, gifts and the present of your loved ones. Babies require lots of things when they finally arrive on your side.

The first important thing you’ll need to do is choosing your baby shower theme, then you can go for drafting your own invitation cards. Nowadays, drafting invitation would be a lot easier than before, you can browse various kinds of theme for your invitation templates. As you’ve already here, you can browse and get all of our template design for free. For instance, you can use this Rainbow Party design in your invitation card, these template offers a nice color scheme and adorable stuffs. It comes in stock-white background to make sure your wording would be a crystal-clear enough for your guests to see and read them. The colorful and dazzling rainbow will decorate the letter-head section along with many other cute clipart such as, Fluffy clouds, smiling Sun and heart shaped icons.







Gifts from your family and acquaintance can make your entire 9 months journey to go far away, and move toward the happiness. Giving you all the essentials supplies for your lovely baby. If you want to use this template for your baby shower invitation cards, Just click on each one of the template and new page will be shown, then right click & choose “save image as” to save it into your computer. Our template comes in printable format, so you can handle it at your home. Get some supplies at stationery shop, for the printing material you can pick the card stock paper, this will remind you of a post card and wedding invitation card (sturdy, and doesn’t bent as easily as the text paper). It also comes in various weights, between 45-200 lbs

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