(FREE Printable) – Pink Flowers Baby Girl Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

When it comes to parties, it’s all about the details. Nowadays, setting up a perfect party can be a pretty easy to deal with. Various kinds of ideas are spreading on the internet, but when it comes to the entire design of invitation card, you may get a little confused with these one. The tension may seems real! You may already heard it from those who have experienced in planning a mini party like baby shower. First thing first, get the idea of your party, which theme you will go for, drafting the invitations, food and so on.

Once you get the idea in your mind, you’re ready to draft an invitation card. It is always a good idea to have plenty inspiration to your project, you can go for these one, a pretty Pink Flower Baby Girl theme at your momentous event. If you are going to use this invitation card, you will get tons of advantages, as you may have seen, it has beautiful pink-stripes pattern along with lovely pastel colored flowers and gorgeous sparkling frame to decorate the text box’ frame / border.




Free Printable Pink Flower Baby Girl Shower Invitation Templates


Inside the text box, you can personally add some wordings, if you don’t have an idea, you can have these following wordings idea at your invitation,

To Sprinkle

Someone lovely someone bubbly

Someone cuddly someone chubby

To love and cherish is here

Let’s celebrate our baby with a hearty cheer!

Join us in showering (Mother’s or Baby’s name)

Can you imagine how are they feeling now? After seeing your baby shower invitation card, I am assure that they will be very happy to have a good time at your party.



There are many of baby shower ideas on our site, make sure to check them all and you can grab it as your invitation card and it’s completely free. Click on our “Invitation” Tab which is located at the same place as “Home” tab. If you have decided, you can download our template. Go to your selected template, Right click on the image then click save image as and for a second your download will be started automatically.


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