FREE Printable Pink Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew


Do you have a plan to set up a celebration for your gorgeous baby? And you might have an idea to use template design to help you lighten the burden without spending hours and hours to imagine and draw it on top of paper.

You can cut down the process by taking template as your invitation card design, we have something good for you, and you can have this gorgeous and dazzling of Pink Baby theme to one of your most remarkable moments.



Free Pink Baby Invitation Templates

Pink Baby invitation templates has nice touch throughout its flowers and colors and you might saw it like any other contemporary design, this template will boost your artistic and aesthetic value to make your guests interest for showing their support and love to your baby and family.

Choose which one is your preferred template, and you can put your baby name on it and don’t let the wordings slips out from these one. Here are a few tips that you can use as a reference,

  • ”Blue or Pink, come help us shower our special baby.”
  • “Come celebrate the soon-to-be parents! This couple’s shower will welcome baby ___”
  • “Our precious little prince or princess is on his/her way to the red carpet, please come to our delightful party”





Are you wondering how to get these templates? Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to pay for this cute invitation card to make it yours because it’s completely free for you and your little one. Just “Right click” your mouse button on your favorite template, if you want to keep it all you can do it each one of them and choose “Save image as”.





There are plenty of them, and it’s completely free. Make sure to search another Invitation card Templates by clicking our “Invitation” Tab on the upper section.



If you have downloaded our invitation card templates, we recommend you to put some knick-knacks on your baby shower invitation card, and you can simply adding his or her beautiful name on to the available spaces. Then, there isn’t much to do, choose which paper material are you going to use, you can browse it on Google, such as Standard, Cardstock, Velum and Kraft paper. Each of them has its own character, the most commonly used are standard and cardstock paper, for the standardized of print sizes are either 5×7 (Landscape) or 7×5 inch (Portrait).


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