FREE Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitation Templates


For some people, the idea of hosting a baby shower to celebrate your baby is on the way is totally out of bounds. To others, it is absolutely natural and this celebration is meaningful to your family and loved ones, everybody will get excited to hear your baby is coming and they will come together to express their joy at your pregnancy and have a chit-chat with you while having a sweet gift for your baby.

Nowadays, everything has become easier than before, you can arrange your baby shower party without having a bucket list of which ones is the best theme for your baby. Calm down, we have a good recommendation for you, how about this Owl theme template? you don’t have to worry, we are here to help you with various kinds of template waiting for you.



It has cute design and various color options, also you can still do customize to this card. You can fill the available spaces with the picture of your lovely baby and giving them some words to make this invitation card even better and they will come to your baby shower party for sure.


Can’t wait to have this template for your baby shower party?

You can get all of them by free, you just need to right click – save or you can also click on top of which template you desire, then the browser will instantly pop a new page up and the template will be downloaded right now.




After you already downloaded the template, you can customize it as you want. The standard print sizes of the invitation card is 5×7 inches, and for the paper types you can use cardstock paper, like Linen, Kraft, Cotton, Aster.

If you have customized and set the size and orientation of card. Finally, you are ready to print it, connect your device to your printer. After that, you can click the “print” button on your computer and wait for a second. Then, your invitation card will come out fresh from the printer and it’s ready to be distribute to all of the invitees.

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