FREE Printable Little Boss Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew


Are you looking for inspiration for your baby shower party? You have found it in the right place. You can search various type of template designs from here, and you can choose which ones your baby likes, from Animal world to your baby favorite Cartoon characters.

Those who are having or expecting birth will find that a shower party provides them the reassurance that their little one is going to have many support whom will love him or her and also they will “shower” gifts for their expecting or newborn baby.


Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates

While your little baby boss is now on his way to you, how about making a surprise present for him using this unique design yet elegant theme in his baby shower invitation card. A touch of gold accent in his crown, and uniquely shaped card, can you imagine how amazed your friends and families with his invitation card, sure one of them will give him crown for love and support.

Which one is your favorite? If you have decided, you can download the template and all of them are completely free for you and your baby. Right click on top of which invitation card you desire and click save image as or you can simply left click on the template, and in a second a new page will pop up and your download will be started automatically.



How simple is that? And you can make it even better by adding his photo or name in the available spaces using third party apps, such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw or just simply use Paint app which is you are able to find it easily by typing “Paint” on your Windows search. Then, after you finished the previous step, you can add some fancy words, these examples are sure to make everyone smile when they open your invitation,

    • “A precious baby boy or girl is almost here!”
    • “Huggies for chuggies at our diaper party. Join the celebration at this shower party for ____.”
    • “Let’s celebrate this beautiful day. ______’s baby is on the way.”



For your information, the standard print sizes of the invitation card is 5×7 inches (Landscape) and 7×5 inches (Portrait), and for the paper types you can use cardstock paper, either use Linen, or Kraft, or Cotton and many more. If everything is done, finally you click on “print” button on your computer and make sure you have connected your device to your printer. Then, wait for a second and your invitation card will come out from the printer and it’s ready to be distribute to all of the invitees. Thank you for visiting our site, hope you and your baby stay healthy and happy.

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