(FREE Printable) – Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

A couple months ago, one of my niece pay me a visit with her family member. They lives in the same city as we are and they want to enjoy the long-winter holiday with my family, especially my little daughter who always liven up the mood. That time, I was busy on a little project – throwing a birthday party for my little sweetheart. Fortunately, a whole squad came to my cribs, especially my niece asked me if she could help with all thingies. Wow, what a perfect time to host an event right? Definitely!.

So in these project, my roles was designing an adorable party invitation card as well as distributing all of ‘em to my acquaintance. We’ve agreed to make a delightful Pinkish and Glittery party, and use “Minnie Mouse” figure as the main spotlight. After taking a long time of break-and-sweat, yeah! One of my favorite party invitations was done, and luckily for both me and you! Because today I’m going to share it with y’all guys!


Free Printable Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates With Rainbow and Portrait


You see it right? What do you think? It looks so amazing for me, doesn’t it? Ha-ha. Well, this template will makes your party glittering for sure! I started designing this one by drawing the iconic “ears” of Minnie Mouse, and fill the shape up with dazzling 24k gold crumbs (lol) which turned out to be a trend  ? and  I’ve just realized when writing this article ?.

Actually, I still get confused tho, even I already done this one a couple months ago – I wonder what should I do to adorn the main layer ?, but that time my lovely niece asked me to draw a cute shape of colorful rainbow, some glitter, blossom pink colors and also give a plenty room for me to put the party details. And Woo-hoo! This cards is what you see it right now folks! You want to keep this one? Sure!. I’m really happy to help y’all. Jumps to the end of article and you’re gonna see my guides to download this lovely Minnie mouse party invitation template.


Free Printable Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates With Glitter Minnie's Head and Ears


Free Printable Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates With Glitter Gold Background and Pink Banner


Free Printable Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates With


Free Printable Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates With Circle Shaped Frame


Free Printable Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates With Blossom Pink and Blue

How To Download✔

  1. Choose your favorite design
  2. Right Click your selected templates – Wait for a second
  3. Then Right click once again – Choose “Save Image As”
  4. Locate your default download folder and tap “Enter”
  5. To open and edit the template – you will need to open them using Microsoft Word or Paint.
  6. The universal format of the paper size is 7×5 (Portrait) and I suggest you to pick card-stock paper as the printing material.

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