(FREE Printable) – Fluffy Clouds Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

A baby shower is a sort of celebration that goes from the planning and finishing, and a chance to honor your wife with her new born baby with family and friends. So there are many emotional expressions that people wish to give and take. Drafting an invitation card is on top of your to-do-list, there are so many innovative ideas and the above all of this are, how funny your theme is going to be?. The good news is you can browse all of them on our site, and you can make it as yours without spending your pocket money on it! You can go for our simple template ideas to our fully decorated themes, and soon enough, your time will be consumed by the bundle of joy!

Anyway, in this special moment, you can make this exclusive Fluffy Cloud Elephant template as your invitation card for absolutely free. This lovely Cloud and Elephant themed template has stunning design ideas, at the top and bottom of your card will be decorated with a set of beautiful twinkle stars, along with adorable Puffy Elephant holding pairs of balloon to adorn your invitation card to the next level. There are six of them, you can choose which ones is suitable for you, or sure you can have it all, you only need to click on your desired template, then right click on them – choose “save image as”, and your template will saved automatically on your default download location.







To open your file, you can use simple third-party app such as Paint and Ms. Word. You can add a letter opening such as, “join us to celebrate” and “honoring”, if you want – adding your baby’s picture is a good idea. After you have done with the customization, get ready to print your template design, for the printed material you can buy card-stock paper at nearby stationery shop, because those paper is relatively easy to find and has various kinds of textures and colors. Then, you can jump to the final steps to print your invitation card, “Open your template (use Paint or Ms. Word), Go to the File tab and choose Print and hit your Enter key or you can do a little trick by using Printing shortcut (Ctrl + P).

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