FREE Printable Floral Wedding Invitation Templates

by Andrew

It’s relatively easy to know why so many brides get really excited about their special wedding invitations. As your wedding party is a celebration of your love and partnership with your soon-to-be-husband, a wedding is tailored to a couple in a variety of ways, from their personality to cultural aspects. For that reason, every wedding party is a bit different and it makes sense that brides are loving the idea of a wedding invitation card which will be represent their hardship and long journey to their special day. However, some parts to a wedding that tend to be universal. After all, and you may get confused when deciding how your wedding invitation is going to be designed.

Traditionally, brides will hand over their invitation to the local printing shop and it may cost a pretty decent of money, but you don’t have to worry if you want to make it even special with your own hand. Today brides is more tend to browse and use invitation templates and handle it at home using their printer device. Maybe you can considered to these gorgeous Floral Wedding design, not only comes with pearly white background color, your invitation card will be decorated with elegant and alluring roses on each sides to express your loves and hopes of a sweet life for the future. For sure, it’s fascinating for your guests and reassure them to pay a visit to your blissful wedding party.




To download Floral Wedding template, you only need to left-click on which one is your favorite, and new page will appear and you can save it by right-click on the template and choose save image as, and located where the template will be save in your device. How simple is that? Your template will be downloaded right away. For the printing paper you can use cardstock paper as it’s commonly used for this typical occasion.

Free Printable Floral Wedding Invitation Templates


For the final step, there are no major rules for addressing a party invitation, it’s best idea to include these detail information in your invitation:

  • Name: The couple’s name
  • Time: When will the party start and end
  • Location: Where the party will be held, at a venue or house?
  • Dresscode: Optional
  • RSVP: Optional

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