FREE Printable Couples Baby Shower Invitations

by b3dj0

When a married couple expecting a baby, it is considered as the happiest thing that happens in their life. Having another life inside you feel as if a miracle has given to you by God. Thus, many married couples try to express their happiness by holding a baby shower party for their friends and families. Usually, only the mother will hold the baby shower party with her close friends and families. However, there are also times where a married couple decides to hold the party together. If you and your spouse decide to hold one, you can use the couples baby shower invitations to impress your friends!


If you and your spouse decide to do everything on your own including the invitations part, do not worry. You can download the invitations by yourself by downloading the couples baby shower invitations on our website for free. You only need to enter our website and download the template that you want with the high-quality option. After that, you can edit the template using any kinds of photo editors or template editors that you have. As for the font of the words, you can use the KR Scrappin Babies font because couple’s invitation templates are usually a bit formal. You can even change the colour to make it merrier.






Next step is, of course, the printing part. It is also quite easy to print the couples baby shower invitations because you can use the regular printer at your home. You do need to read the instruction of the printer first though before you start to print the invitations. After you know how much the thickness of the paper does your printer tolerate, you can start to buy the paper. For this occasion, you can use the linen cardstock as the material. The delicate texture of this cardstock will hide the imperfections in your invitations and gives a perfect look.

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