(FREE Printable) – Cinderella Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

You don’t need to be a Prince Charming to find your little princess, but now you can create announcement to the entire village that your little Cinderella’s birthday is coming! Go Check out these Cinderella templates and you can find our instruction for downloading and How-To-Use them.

Let’s get started, the first thing you will need to do is crafting your invitation but before you dive deeper it’s better to draft your invitation card first. You can go for these invitation templates. Instead of the typical Cinderella-inspired template, this one was made and designed with such glamourous looking display. Beautiful Cinderella in stunning dress, charming White-Pink Stripes at the bottom of the card, unique Text Frame, and last but not least, you’ll also get another beautiful things, Yeah! That’s right, that would be the “Starry Night” background.


Free Printable Disney Cinderella Invitation Templates With Beautiful Gown and Starry Night


Get ready to delight your little princess with Cinderella birthday party and invite every guests in your list to come by using our special customized party favor. Now you’ve got one of your job done, the next step would be preparing how your party will look like. I’ve also gathered a couple of information for you, wanna hear them? Here they are,

Tips 1: Enchant your princesses with balloon towers!

Delight the girls with balloon towers imported from a magical kingdom! You don’t need to be a fairy godmother to create this darling balloon decor.

Tips 2: Create the perfect birthday outfit for your li’l princess!

Every princess needs options! Let your little girl pick out her perfect birthday outfit from Cinderella accessories like a tutu dress, footless tights and award ribbon. Top off her darling ensemble with a royal tiara and princess wand!

Stay tuned folks! Read the whole article and you’ll get the number 3 and 4 tips down below.


Free Printable Disney Cinderella Invitation Templates With Perfume and Pink Text Frame


Free Printable Disney Cinderella Invitation Templates With Little Pony and Pink Stripes


Free Printable Disney Cinderella Invitation Templates With Princess Carriage


Free Printable Disney Cinderella Invitation Templates With Glacier Shoe


Free Printable Disney Cinderella Invitation Templates With Prince Charming

Tips 3: Give everyone the royal treatment with accessories!

Everyone can be a princess for a day when you hand out fun favors! Lavish the girls with Cinderella accessories like tiaras, necklaces, rings and wristbands to make them feel like royalty.

Tips 4: Help Cinderella find her slipper!

The birthday girl and her royal court will love helping Cinderella find her glass slipper. You could add this activities in your list to liven up the mood and having a matching-matching party games will always be a good idea to go.


Additional Information

  1. To download: Right Click the template, select “Save Image As”
  2. To open the file: Microsoft Word, Paint or Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Printing Material: Card-stock, Linen, Kraft or Standard Text paper.

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