FREE Printable Blue Flower Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

The baby shower could be the most fun thing to do, especially for you as a new parent. Pretty pastels and sweet treats are just a few of favorite things from baby shower party. Many of parents tend to choose shower ideas and choices can be picked from what do you like the most and also your interests. If you’re considering to plan a themed shower, your invitations can reflect that. As you may know, it’s important to remember that your invitation card is the first glimpse of the shower that your guests will see and enjoy, so you have to make sure to keep the theme is perfectly match with your decoration.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your party invitations? You have found it at the right place and the right time. You can search various type of template designs in our site, and you can choose which ones you like the most, from classic retro style template to elegant and stunning template design. Personalize your baby shower invitation cards using our Blue Flower themed template.  Your guests will be obsessed with this gorgeously water colored flower. Add some word and even your newborn baby’s picture if they were already here, in order to make this invite even stands out among the rest.







Now for the details. You can take a note and make sure to include all of the following tips for your baby shower invitation info,

  • Wording:
    1. A precious baby boy or girl is almost here!”
    2. “Huggies for chuggies at our diaper party. Join the celebration at this shower party for (name).”
    3. “Let’s celebrate this beautiful day. (name)’s baby is on the way.”
    4. “A smile, a wink, baby will be here in a blink!”
  • Date, Time & Location:
    1. Please make sure both the fonts and font-sizes can be easily read.
    2. Give your guests some guidance about the location
    3. For the date information, spell out the month rather than using numerals.

Which one is your favorite? If you have decided, you can download the template and all of them are completely free for you and your baby. Right click on top of which invitation card you desire and click save image as or you can simply left click on the template, and in a second a new page will pop up and your download will be started automatically.

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