(FREE Printable) – Baby Mermaid Shower Party Invitation Templates

by Andrew

There’s a reason why we call it a baby shower, as you may already know it, it’s meant to shower the mom and her expecting baby with love, thoughtful gifts, as well as well wishes. Share your happiness with your close friends and family members. Baby shower parties are generally informal. Usually there are no strict rules and we all know that setting up a perfect baby shower party can be a daunting task to deal with. It’s an absolutely natural, this celebration may also become your first major milestone as a new couple. Everyone will get excited to hear your invitation and for sure they will come together to express their joy and have a little chit-chat with you while having a sweet gift behind their back to shower both you and your newborn baby.

We all know that everyone want their party will be a success for the guest of honor and all her attendees. For that reason, you will need some inspiration for these one, and you can get all of them on our site. Get various types of baby shower inspiration or ideas in here, you can consider to use these template as your invitation card and match them to your party decoration. This Baby Mermaid template design, was perfectly handmade with lots of stunning and aesthetic aspect. You will see a lovely cute sketch of baby mermaid that fell asleep on top Luna Moon’ bow. Besides that, your invitation card will be decorated in such beautiful and adorable aspect, on top and bottom section of the invitations, we decorate them with seaweeds and cute air bubbles.



Any of these DIY baby shower ideas are easy and not overdone, and it comes in JPG format – so you can print them out using your own printer device and add some detailed information on it. Put your wording below the sleeping baby mermaid, add a small detail such as Your Name, Where the location will be held, as well as the date & time. You can set the rules for matching the outfit with your decoration.




You can get all of them by free, you just need to click on top of which template you desire, then the browser will instantly pop a new page up, then right click the image and choose “save image as” & tap “enter” on your keyboard, and whoops your template will be downloaded right now. As an additional information, the standard print sizes of the invitation card is 5×7 inches, and for the paper material you can print your invitation card in a card-stock paper.

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