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Oh hi, welcome to this web! Do you need a birthday invitation card? Yeah…we have Pink Floral Invitation template to support your great birthday party. Does it pay much? Oh…no…it’s free for you to download or copy. Oh really?

It’s Really Free Design

We have invitation card designs, particularly Pink Floral Invitation template. The design gives you a wider blank space to write any information you want to announce.

Are you curious how to get it? It’s very easy. Select one of the templates here and copy it. Open your Photoshop software and paste the images. Because the size is about 5 x 7 inches, may be you want to customize the size. After the design is all set, print it. Make sure that you have a good quality printer, full ink in, it, and use good quality papers. I suggest you to use photo paper.

After printed, you need a pen or marker to write information you want to announce, such as the age of you/your kids, the day and date, the time, and the address you will hold the birthday party. More special if you write with your unique hand-writing.





For your consideration, there are some types of photo paper. Here are the types from the price’s level.

  1. Inkjet paper

It’s the cheaper type of paper, but low in the quality.

  1. Glossy photo paper

It will give a better printing quality, but it reflects lights a lot.

  1. Premium glossy photo paper

It has a better printing quality then glossy photo paper.

  1. Matte paper

It’s the kind of paper which reflects low lights.

  1. Canvas paper

It’s the most expensive and the product is like on canvas.

If you enjoy your experience here, don’t forget to tell everyone to visit this web. See you then…

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