FREE Pink Elephant Baby Shower Invitations Templates

by b3dj0

Pink Elephant Template for your Baby Shower Invitations

These pink elephant baby shower invitations are so cute and definitely good templates to use. You will definitely love the design. Well, these templates, by the way, are free for personal use but not for commercial use. There are several things you ought to know regarding the invitations

Why you should download the template

Is downloading the template and using it as the design for your baby shower invitation a good idea? Well, obviously, there is no other answer but yes! The design looks so great and you would not be disappointed! It uses pink dots as a background, pink flowers for the accent, and a cute elephant cartoon for the main design. Besides, the pink fonts are also cute! You can see that the glittering gold at the back is so fancy.

Link to download

The design is downloadable for you. But where is the link to download? Well, you can download the pink elephant baby shower invitations here.

Is it easy to edit?

So, do you wish to do some editing on the template? Well, you do not have to worry about the difficulty since the website gives you the options to customize the template with the ultimate level of convenience. So, it is very easy to edit and everyone can use it. But you can always use Photoshop or CorelDraw too, though. Use girly accents for the wording when writing the important information like the date and the place of the party.


Use any color printers at your disposal for printing this template. The pink elephant baby shower invitations will look great if you print them using card stock paper sized 4 x 6 inches. This 1080p template can also be printed using photo papers too, though. It’s your choice.

The people who should use the design

Well after seeing the design, you can see that the design is more suitable for girls, although boys can use it. But actually, since the design is so feminine, it is better for girls. You will definitely love it.


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