FREE Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

by b3dj0

Everything in this world has their own meaning, including animals such as butterflies. Butterflies have the meaning of joy and miracle. Wherever they fly, they are believed to bring joys to the people who meet them. Thus, colourful butterflies and flowers are always used in baby shower invitation because of this philosophy. As butterfly brings joy is the same as a baby. The reason is that having a baby means that there will be a miracle and joy happen in your life. If you want to hold a baby shower party as a token of appreciation and bring good news to your close friends and families, you can use butterfly baby shower invitations.


Beautiful animal like butterflies is always related to the flowers. So, you can download the butterfly baby shower invitations with some flowers in it. To download the template, you can download it on our website for free. You can even download the template in high-quality. For the editing or custom part, you can use any kinds of template or photo editors that you have. You can start by adding the words in the available area using Ofaly font. For the colours, it is best to use dark colours to balance the butterfly and flowers. For the best result, try to download the template which uses white colour as the background.





and here’s the preview

Moving onto the printing part, you can use the regular kind of printer at your home. Before you start to print the butterfly baby shower invitations, you can first stock up the ink in case you need to print many invitations. For the paper material, if you want to have a clean look or luxurious feeling, you can use the cotton or linen cardstock. These two kinds of cardstock will give you a smooth result and hiding the imperfections. However, the options for the colours are limited. After that, you can ask the size to be 5”x7”. That size is the common size for the baby shower invitations. Lastly, you can just line up the paper and print as usual.

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annette December 16, 2018 - 10:11 pm

Hi…help please………where is the download tag…….i cant see it anywhere?

b3dj0 December 18, 2018 - 2:40 am

Simply click on the image. and Save the image as. That’s all! 🙂

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