7+ Festive Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          Pleasing your guest eyes through your party invitation is a must! It’s like giving them hints on what to except and how it’s going to be held. If your guests enjoy arts and crafts, and if it’s in line with your party, then it’s going to be clever idea for you to opt in these following collection.

There’s no shortage of creative when we talk about creative idea on Internet. Today’s post will show you fun project, with premade template from creative mindset. Let’s find how cute it is and how easy to make your invitation card for free.



          Since there are seven different models, it means you will get a better chance to choose which is better in overall and also freely decide which one you are going to use. My favorite was the template with cute rainbow arch which decorates the picture frame. How about you? Please drop a comment down below, so I could see and know what is your favorite one.


7+ Festive Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates







It’s a kind of simple design, which perfect for these days’ event, when people or parent loved to pick Modern and Elegant element for their kid’s birthday. I did make a couple of sketch, started from the base of the card which has pink colored background and added some good contrast to match with the white layer of the text box.

Download Instruction

  • Choose your favorite design, then Right-Click the template
  • Select “Save Image As”, Locate where the file will be saved in your device.
  • After that, hit “Enter” or click “Save”, and the download process will start automatically in a few seconds.
  • After the download has finished, check the file by opening it using either Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word or Paint (Only available in Windows).
  • Final words:
    • Print the file / template on cardstock paper (in 5×7” format).
    • There are many printing materials (Paper) out there, such as Cotton, Kraft, Linen, Standard text paper and etc.
    • Just buy thing that is suitable for your need as well as your budget. There is no need to push it too hard.

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