Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Ideas

So whether your friend or family member will have a baby boy and you have decided to host a baby shower. Dinosaur theme would be a good idea. Plan together with a trusted friend to help you. This theme is one of the themes that are not widely used by everyone. Of course, if you want to get out of the circle, then you have coined a lot of imagination. The dinosaur is a children’s favorite, so you will not be difficult to find toys that you can use for decoration.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

There are some well-known dinosaur characters such as Baby dino and Barney. If you are going to use Barney, you can design a baby shower with green and purple. But if you prefer to make common dinosaur baby shower, Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus to cut the card stock to use as an invitation. You can also use the coloring page as a template. Write down important information such as the date, time and location of the party in the invitation.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Use different dinosaur books to decorate and use them as centerpieces for the guest tables. Place a plastic toy dinosaurs and placed between the finger food and on top of the cake. Fill in orange and green balloons and streamers to the ceiling by using crepe tape.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Of course, there is no party without food, buy a lot of dinosaur crackers served with cheese and appetizers at the beginning of the party. Create a finger sandwich shaped like a Brontosaurus by using cookie cutters. Have vegetables and fruit setting on the tray option, this would be a healthy choice for your guests who can not eat sugar.

Dinosaur Fruit Themed Baby Shower Food Ideas

Brown And Green Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Ideas

You do not need to take a professional organizer to create a dinosaur baby shower. With some planning and creativity, this theme will be a hit.

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