Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitations

by Sheenz

Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitations


Hi Guys, Please come and join us to Lydia Ramirez baby shower party.

Lydia still likes anything which trending in her childhood. When she was little girl, she was watching super hero movies, robot, cartoon movies and some comedy movies.

Her favorite movie is Jurrasic Park. This movie is still become the movie which has a lot of people interest.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Invitation Templates

She also likes anything about this pre historic animal and she likes to watching movie which has this animal in it, such as: Barney, Jurrasic Park, Night at the Museum, The Lost Word, King Kong and so much more.

The baby shower party theme is Dinosaur. The party will be decorated with the tied balloons which shaped in the party themed shaped.

That will have some jungle decorations, it has mini trees, green backdrop wallpaper and it also has some party themed dolls which put as the decorations.

The party will be so much fun with some theme songs as in the jungle, like the voice of bird singing, tiger roaring and some tribe musical play.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Decorations

That will be so much fun with the ambiance as in the jungle. The party also will be showing some movie clip in some dinosaurs movie to entertain the guest before the party start.

The party will be decorated in party themed tablecloth and it also has party supplies in the themed party for the plastic plates and plastic cups.

It also has someone wearing the party themed costume who will lead us for the party event. He will give us special performance in the middle of the party.

The party also will be served main dishes which is most of menu is steak. So leta��s come to the party, your presence is enough.

The party is in: Thursday, 26 January 2017, in 10:00-12:00, at 4730 Reppert Coal Road, Jackson, MS 39206.


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