Cupcake Party Invitation Templates With Photo Frame

by Andrew

Did you know what’s the important part of crafting any invitation cards? Really? That’s true, you certainly need a few skills, in order to craft your own card. What if you don’t have that skills? The best way to do that would be using design template.

What was that?

It’s kind of pre-made design or layout, has Docx file, which is very useful for us, who don’t have enough experience in editing before, because we can do all the editing stuff with ease, 100% editable with Ms. Word. Let me show you how it looks like, by the way. (see below)



As we can see, this kind of design is a “design template” which I mentioned it in above. Everything has been beautifully organized, such pink stripes on top of matching-matching pink colored background, and bunch of other stuffs. In addition, I’ve put a couple of knick-knacks on it, like Cute Pennant/Bunting Flags, Colorful Balloons, Birthday Boxes, Ribbon and so on.

You also got a designated place, an adorable photo frame with “Cute Golden Crown” for your little princess. Right next to the frame, you can write all the detailed information about your upcoming party, like Where, Who, When and so on. Last but not least, you might have this question, isn’t it? Is it customizable? Absolutely, folks! This template has already come with both JPG and Docx File-format, and at the end of this article, I’ve put a couple instructions below, regarding how to download and how to open the file.


Free Printable - Cupcake Party Invitation Templates With Photo Frame





How to Download & Edit

Actually, it may look a bit complicated, but it’s pretty simple though. You only need to right-click each one of your favorite design, once you clicked it, select “Save Image As”. Then locate the destination folder and tap “Enter” to start the download.

Once the download process is finished, and before you’re going to edit them, first, you’ll need to extract the file and install all the required fonts. After that you can open the file using “Microsoft Word”, to open it: You can either open the app first and Press this key “Ctrl + O” – Locate the file and open it, or you can follow this step (Move your mouse pointer on top of the template, Right-Click & Open With…

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