Candle Baby Shower Favors Ideas

by Grace Vitara

You have two options when using candles as baby shower favors. If you are adventurous, you can make your own candles. Yeah, make your own candles is something of an art, but it needs to be something to be learned, and takes time and patience. You can learn how to make candles by buying a book making candles or search online.

Personalized Candle Baby Shower Favors IdeasBut if you include people who lack the time, of course you would prefer to buy a candle baby shower favors. Fortunately, you have the option of shopping online when you are looking for a candle baby shower favors and easy to remember.

Blu Baby Bottle Candle For Baby Shower FavorsTraditionally, candle baby shower favors are pink and blue. So what if you do not know the sex of the baby? You can choose the one that is neutral. However, that just because you know the sex of a baby girl or a boy, you do not have to use blue or pink candle baby shower favors.

Ceramic Teddy Bear Candle Baby Shower Favors

A popular choice when you will come with selecting a candle baby shower favors is to find something that matches the theme of the baby shower. If the baby shower theme is elegant, you can use a sleek martini glass with smooth wax, place it in an elegant black box and decorate with olives tag. Another option is the candle of the most elegant, you can easily use tall glasses of champagne. Or for a baby shower beach theme, you can use seashells gel candle in clear box, it will be very beautiful and elegant. When the candle burns, the guests will really enjoy real starfish and shells.

Blue Baby Bottle Candle For Baby Shower Favors

If you can not find a candle that matches the theme of your baby shower, you can try to consider within their candles to-be mother’s personality. If mom loves nature, you can choose pink or purple silk orchid pretty neatly wrapped with a silver bow.

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