Bird Baby Shower Invitations

by Sheenz

Bird Baby Shower Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us to Edward and Sofia baby shower party.A�Edward and Sofia are huge fan of bird. They were adopted bird in their house. It is very entertaining, the beautiful voice in the morning is makes our day better.

colorful bird baby shower invitations

They have peacock and they like to feed them and teach them to talk. Sometimes they also put them into championship and their bird won.

Sofia is obsessed with bird since she was kid. Even now she is still watching bird movie, such as: Free Bird, Rio, The Big Year, Valiant and so much more.

motif bird baby shower invitations

The baby shower party theme is bird. The party will have backdrop with some movie character, such as: Reggie from a�?Free Birda�?, Blu and Jewel from a�?Rioa�? and Angry Bird.

The decoration also has banner pennant which made in pink and blue color with the cut out of the party themed in the backdrop.

simple bird baby shower invitations

It also will have hanging decorations which make from origami in colorful bird shaped and it also has tree branch decorations which also put plastic bird toys in it.

The party also will served food in the party supplies in the party themed. That will have tablecloth which printed in the party themed and it also has tableware in the party themed.

root bird baby shower invitations

That will have fun games for the kids to enjoy the party. It will have games, such as: Bird Counting Game, Bird Catchers, Musical Birds, Pin the Beak on the Birds and so much more.

It is also has food which design in the party themed. That will have cupcakes in angry bird shaped on the top. The party also will served main course and dessert.

The party is in: Friday, 20 May 2016, in 15:00-17:00, at 980 Doctors Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066.


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