Baby Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitations

by Sheenz

Baby Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitations


Hi Everyone, are you guys will have baby shower party in the baby Minnie Mouse party themed?A�That is the cutest party themed that everyone likes to use. The party will be so amazing with the decorations which make you blown away.

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ribbon baby minnie mosue baby shower invitations

To decorate in the party themed, you can use pink backdrop or it can be creative by pink, white and black wallpaper from paper streamers or wallpaper.

It is also has another alternative, like using pink balloons or can added with white balloons. Add some cut out in the Minnie Mouse shaped and put the glitter in it will be so cute.

pink baby minnie mouse baby shower invitations

You can make it more rousing by pink and black polka dots balloons hanging up in the air which tied up to the ceiling will be interesting idea.A�The decorations also can be use by sculpture which made from tied up balloons or it can use piA�ata.

yellow baby minnie mouse baby shower invitations

Banner pennant also can be use to put in the backdrop, but make it interesting instead just in circle or rectangle shaped. That will hadA�cut out in pink color and put the outline in pink will make it attractive.

For the tablecloth, you can find any kind of party supplies in the party themed that you want to use in cheap price.

polka dots baby minnie mouse baby shower invitations

You can pink neutral pink or pink and white polka dots tablecloth and pick plastic plates and plastic cups with Minnie Mouse picture will be good or more interesting idea, it has selling plates in the Minnie Mouse shaped.
cute baby minnie mouse baby shower invitations

If your party has more kids, you can play some games to entertain them and make the party more fun, such as: Pin the Ear on Minnie, Musical Chair and so much more.

Wish this article will help you. Good Luck!


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