Baby Boy Shower Invitations Wording

by Sheenz

Baby Boy Shower Invitations Wording


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us to Luke and Olive baby shower party.

Luke and Olive is closer to have a baby, this is their first baby. Finally it is just a couple months the baby will born.

owl baby boy shower invitation wording

The baby is a boy! He is on the way there. They are so excited to preparing everything for the baby.

Olive has preparing some stuff like baby gear, baby shirt, pajamas, shoes and also small suit when he will going to the party.

clothes baby boy shower invitation wording

They also have been thinking about the baby name which will using half Germany and American name.A�Luke is a Germany guy, his origins name is Lucas. They want to give the name for the kids in his culture so then the culture is still exist even though they live in America.


They like to watching soccer and Their favorite soccer team is Bayern Munich football club.

lady baby boy shower invitation wording

The baby shower party is for the boys. That will have fun time by watching soccer game together and also that will have fun times by dinner.

While the party everyone can enjoy with play soccer in the backyard. It also has net in their backyard for the guest to play.

whale baby shower invitation wording

The party will served food, such as: hot dog, hamburger and pop corn while watch the match.A�It also has some snacks and some non alcohol cold drink for the boys. Boys also can enjoy the ice cream after dinner.

The party also will have fun by sharing some gift for the boys when Lukea��s back from Germany and bring some items in soccer themed.A�The baby shower also has some video record as the boys present for the future baby.

camouflage baby boy shower invitation wording

The party is in: Tuesday, 13 December 2016, in 15:00-18:00, at 436 Mcwhorter Road, Greenwood, MS 38903.



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