Perfect Winnie The Pooh Baby shower

When you will have a plan to hold a baby shower that “willy-nilly silly old bear”, Winnie The Pooh is a unique idea. This is the inspiration that you can make “awww” to the background. Incorporate all aspects of the party and take the classic children’s stories and inject life in invitations, food, decorations and entertainment.

Set the baby shower invitations Winnie The Pooh. You have two options for the color and overall appearance. For a primer Poohh, you can display a bright red, yellow and orange like in character. As for the classic Pooh, has a much softer look with some muted colors like ivory, sage and pale yellow. Have an invitation to the home of Winnie The Pooh display or the Hundred Acre Wood. Use words such as theme, for example, “Help us welcome the little hunny.”


You can use the leaves as a decoration for Pooh and the gang live in the Hundred Acre Wood. Put a small potted plant in the middle of the table as centerpieces. Ornamental terracotta vase with yellow paint and change into a honeypot. Hang map of Hundred Acre Wood wood on the table and place the frame gift classic quote from the book “Pooh” around the room.

To make the visual intrigue to the table, you can use a plate on a pile of children’s books, including the Pooh etc. To keep the theme, give your name plate of the book characters, such as deviled eggs Christopher Robin, Piglet in blankets and tape the Kanga pockets. Of course you will provide honey for the favorites menu or a cup of honey. Using the drink dispenser shaped honeycomb filled with lemonade.

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