How To Create Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels

When you want to have every element of the party fell into place and must choose the right time owned by the mother to-be. This means that you have to prepare everything must be in accordance with the tea ceremony, and included the label on bottled water and other beverages. Make your own baby shower water bottle label is cheap and simple. Even if want, you can use a custom water bottles as party favors.

First, determine the size of the bottle of water that you will want to label. If you use up to 12 ounces, then you need a label with a size of 2 1/2 inches by 7 inches. And if you want a bottle of water that is greater, you need a label with a size of 2 1/4 inches by 8 1/2 inches. Make sure that you have a template with the correct size. You can prepare your own templates using computer design or word processing program.

Once you decide the size of the bottles to be used, now begin to set the background for your water bottle label. Choose a solid color or pattern you can design the background by inserting clip art or create a design that has been specified in word processing software. Because baby showers are held for a certain person, you can also attach a photo of a pregnant mother or baby pictures, the theme of the baby shower or other design related to the baby shower.


Next, type in the details you want to enter. This could include a message for the guests to thank those who have come, baby due date, the name of the mother to-be, the date of the shower or something very different. You can create a label like the actual label or just have fun.

Print Your bottle label. You can print them on plain paper and use a glue stick to attach the brand to the bottle. Or print them on sticker paper and cut and then pulled back to be attached directly to the bottle.

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    I am trying to access the pink zebra stripe water bottle label and have been unable to. The only templates I see are for labels that I do not need