FREE Printable Twins Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

If you are going to throw a baby shower twins to your loved ones or friends, this could be a bit tricky. Here is a guide to create pleasant memories for the baby shower. You’ll get tips on decorating, invitations, menus and your center.

Invitation. Invitations should be informed that the mother to-be expecting twins. You must use the twin themes as the main feature on your invitation. You can make your own invitations or search online. Many sites that offer to design your own invitations by printing at a low price. You can also buy bulk at the store party invitations.

Menu. Decide whether you are going to serve snacks, full meals or just dessert. If you choose snacks for your choice, this could include a number of light salads and finger foods such as vegetable trays, fruit skewers, mini sandwiches, cheese and crackers. Set your menu that can support the twin themes. If you serve a full meal, make sure that you are serving vegetarian options for guests. For dessert, the table should include cakes celebration congratulations to new mothers or other items that are decorated according to the theme. Serve mini cupcakes, cookies or brownies baby.

Decorations. An interesting option for twins is a baby animal theme Start by selecting one of the animals. Include stuffed animals, wall hangings and matching tableware. There are many examples of animal cake can also serve as a great decoration.

Centerpieces. A centerpieces that can be taken home will always be a favorite. So, you can consider a bouquet of flowers, a cake, flowers or lollipops as an option. For something more elegant, you can try to have candles or plates were tied with a thank you card.


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