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Once a year we celebrate our family member or kid’s party with funny hats and plastic plates, and seeing everyone crack their smiles. Party are always becoming important part of our lives, from lovely baby shower party, to romantic bridal shower party to congratulate the bride-made and shower her with lots of sweet gifts and support.

I had beautiful memory for these one, approximately 3 years ago – maybe, my younger sister was very happy to anticipate her upcoming wedding day. Since she was busy with all the complicated stuff, me (+ Family) & her friends started thinking to give her a little surprise. Thus, we came to agree to throw bridal shower party for her and I got a pretty decent task tho, I’m the one who made the invitation looks so damn beautiful 😂.

Hmm? Yup! That’s right, folks! As we can see it in below, all of these templates are pretty similar to what I’ve done back then, and I’m gladly present you the latest version of my design and I also made a little upgrade or adjustment to fit the glorious 2020. As shown below, these designs will captivate everyone’s eyes for sure, thanks to its beautifully made background, which consists of marble texture and faded effect, along with magnificent roses in pastel finished.



In addition, if you’ve noticed it, there are some grid lines decorating the center of the card, those are the latest trend on the Market, guys. I still can’t find the exact name of it, but most people called it as Geometric Frame/Line, to give a little bit of modern-touch and classy finished looks.






As additional information, you can take a note on this following wording example and some of other useful tips, feel free to use them on your invitation card. Here are some of our tips,

  • Wordings:

Bride’s Name

(Day), (Month) (Date)


(Dress Code: If any)

(Where the party is going to be held)

  • Editing: Use third party such as Microsoft Paint, Word and Photoshop.
  • Download: To download this template, right click on your selected template and choose save image as and your image will be saved right away at your default download location.
  • Paper: Choose your printing paper, you can choose between the cardstock and glossy paper, you can browse on the internet about its own character.
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