Baby Shower Themes Ideas For Baby Boy And Baby Girl

Birth of a baby is a very happy moment and this moment worth celebrating joyfully. Baby showers are a great way to remember the beautiful moments of this. It also ensures that the mothers to-be got a fantastic submissions before the baby arrives in the world.

One of which must be considered when planning the baby shower party is the location. Make sure you choose a suitable location and enough for all your guests. The next step is to send the invitations, make sure you have made the guest list will be invited. Make sure that you invite all of our friends and family while considering the size of the location. Do not rush into a party, because it would spoil the mood and unclear. Of course you do not want the room to be very crowded. Finally, you must choose a theme and decor to match.

The most obvious thing to determine the theme is based on the sex of the baby. If the sex of the baby is known, you can decorate decor that suits the baby. If the child will be born male, use beautiful color blue or color theme related. You can buy a large blue banner and say “It’s Boy”, this banner would be very suitable as wall hangings, you can also buy a blue centerpieces, tableware blue and blue confetti. A blue balloon will also greatly accentuate your theme. Blue balloon with a picture of a cute cartoon baby will look very beautiful that scattered in the whole room. So also the same thing is available in pink for baby girls.

Popular and beloved cartoon characters will make a beautiful theme baby shower for baby girl and baby boy. For a baby girl, you can use the theme like the Little Mermaid or Cinderella theme. Use decorations with Arie picture or Cinderella including posters, products and tableware to organize a perfect party. Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are also often used for baby shower themes baby boy. In addition to decorating, you can also invest to scoop da plate with a cartoon image of a loved one.

Baby Shower ThemesBoy And Girl
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    Love them all

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    I am looking for a large crown that is featured on Pinterest. The large one with tulle flowing out of it