9+ Floral Onederful Baby Shower Invitation Templates

          What could be more wonderful than celebrating your kid’s birthday with your family and friends? It may sound great but at the same time, you need to pay a lot of attention towards things you should get for your party. And one thing for sure, it was your party stationery.

          To help you understand how to create your own party stationery, and in this case, it would be the invitation card, you can take a look at these following examples. Below this you will discover 9+ stunning floral themed invitation card for various occasions.



Basically, you will get 9 different options, each template has their own unique decorative elements. For today, I was using two different style of floral decorations, one of them was “greenery” and the other one was the “watercolor roses”. I placed it randomly around the card. For example, my favorite one was the watercolor roses which I put it on each corner of the card, so it looks like having a custom-made border from beautiful floral arrangement.









Put your text below the written text (One-derful), you can take a look at one of the templates which I had written a sample text on it. You can follow the same path as me, which you don’t need to download additional font in order to use it. Since you can use default stock fonts from either Adobe Photoshop or Ms. Word. Now your only job is downloading the template, and I have written the guide for you at the end of the article.

Download Guidance

Please read and follow each steps carefully. If you had any questions you can ask it through the comment box down below.

  • Choose your favorite design
  • Right Click your selected templates – Wait for a second
  • Select “Save Image As”
  • Locate your default download folder and tap “Enter”
  • To open and edit the template –open the file on Microsoft Word or Paint.
  • The universal standard for “invitation card” is either 5×7 (Portrait) or 7×5 (Landscape).
  • Since the template was made in portrait you should use the 5×7” format and for the printing paper, I’d say it’s better for you to use or pick card-stock paper as the printing material.


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