8+ Pastel Baby Animals Themed Birthday Invitation Templates

          Oh baby, time does fly really fast, I can’t believe it that this cute tiny feet and shoes will be turning one soon, what should I do for him/her? Oh no! There will be tons of work that need to be done flawlessly. “Maybe it isn’t possible for me”, Wait-wait! Heads up, everyone. You are certainly capable for doing that, even by yourself. Let me guide you to set up your astonishing party, with this cute invitation card template as a jump start.



          This template has decent built layout which surprises everyone when they get to see it. I made all of this cute templates in landscape orientation, it can be fitted with almost every key information you need for your party, such as Where, When, Who and so forth. You can see one of the template that has texts written on it, it will help you understand how cute this template is and what’s the perfect placement of each information.

I love everything in this card, from its colorful pastel background – to the adorable baby animals riding hot air balloon. Those are the least part that makes everyone who is reading it can’t resist from its cuteness. The other elements will have pretty much the same cute concept, like what is on the right section of the card. This is called as text box, it’s cutely hand-drawn in white color, along with dash-lines as the border.







Download Information

Follow this each steps to learn how to download any templates in our site for free.

  • Choose your template design.
  • Move your mouse pointer and Left-Click the template.
  • Wait for a while, a new page will be appeared.
  • Right-click the template, select “save image as” and tap Enter to save it.
  • The download process should be automatically started by now.
  • Open the file with Ms. Word or Adobe Photoshop (Advanced).


  • If you consider to do everything all by yourself, please make sure every device you are going to use is working properly (e.g. Laptop, PC. Smartphone, Printer, etc.).
  • To print the file: Go to File (Top left) > Print > Fill the setting (Copies, Orientation, Color, etc.). Both in Ms. Word or Adobe Photoshop, the step is relatively similar.
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