7+ Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Templates






          Floral wreath was supposed to be used for sort of wedding event, but these days, people are often used it for various events, such as birthday and baby shower event. It comes from a good reason, since many of us were thinking that flowers weren’t only delivering great meaning behinds it, but it also highlights several element wherever they are being used.

          None of you might see this following collection on Internet, or maybe you do but it will come with extra costs. Anyway, we provide this beautiful Floral Wreath baby shower invitation card template for free.


7+ Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has portrait design


7+ Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has watercolor background


7+ Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has rustic background


7+ Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has blush background layer


7+ Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has fancy floral wreath


7+ Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Templates


7+ Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has rhombus text box

          First thing you’d notice is, the gorgeous flowers at the center of the card, isn’t it? Those are what I mentioned above. Basically, I drew a simple rhombus shaped text box in solid white color and placed a couple of flowers arrangement on top of it. So, it does look more beautiful, right? Since the template comes in today’s article there are seven different designs, it means you also get seven different flower wreath to decorate your text or kid’s name.

          This template has 5×7” format, it means you are able to print it without any additional effort just to make it “printable”. It would be great for you to use cardstock paper as your printing or paper material. Consider its value and come with tons of advantages that you will not see it in other type of paper. Trust me, despite the price might be a bit expensive compared to other ones, your card will have luxury finish and sturdy finishes.

Download Information

  1. Choose your favorite design
  2. Then Right Click the preview image/template – Wait for a second
  3. Then Right click once again – Choose “Save Image As”
  4. Locate your default download folder
  5. Tap “Enter” on your keyboard to start the download process
  6. To open & personalize the template, you will need to open them using Microsoft Word or Paint


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