11+ Nautical Themed Birthday Invitation Templates For Your Kid’s Birthday Bash

Thinking of what is the perfect way to celebrate your little boy birthday or baby shower party, you can’t ignore that the iconic Nautical themed party is great thing to have. Inspired by hundred parents out there which were successfully set the party up, this gave me reasons to why wouldn’t I made another version for this concept.

Yesterday, I took almost two hours straight and worked on this project, gladly I was able to finish it quickly. Today is the day, you are going to see my latest, and probably my favorite design for this month.












Charming background design was the least item that took my attention. I put a quite simple, Chevron pattern, I filled it up with navy blue and white color. On top of it, there is a white text box and has cute small details like shadows and navy border. To complete the puzzle, I also added a couple of Nautical themed elements to the card, such as cute illustrations of Lighthouse, Compass, Ship’s wheel, anchor and so on.

How to Download

To get all of them, you can take a look at these following instructions:

  1. Right click the template and choose “save image as”
  2. Tap “enter” on your keyboard to save it in your device
  3. And Whoops your template will be downloaded right away.
  4. Open the file with Ms. Word or Adobe Photoshop and insert your text to the template.
  5. Print the final draft on any printing paper. The best one you can get is card-stock paper, and you will know it for sure once you get it in your hand.

If your kids really craze and loves nothing more than his navy ship toy, you can take this opportunity to a whole new level. It’d be great if you can feature a couple of Nautical-themed party games, or maybe asking the guests to wear their best Sailor outfit.

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