(Free Canva Template) Adorable True & The Rainbow Kingdom Banner Templates

by Andrew

          Make your child’s birthday extra magical with our super cute True and The Rainbow Kingdom-themed Canva birthday banner/backdrop templates! Perfect for fans of the colorful and whimsical series, these templates will bring joy and excitement to any celebration. Let’s explore the delightful details, inspired by the sample image provided.



Adorable Design Elements

The sample banner showcases a vibrant and cheerful design, featuring beloved characters from True and The Rainbow Kingdom. True, the blue-haired heroine, takes center stage with her adorable sidekick, Bartleby the cat. These characters add a playful and charming touch to the banner, making it perfect for a child’s birthday celebration.






Festive Decorative Elements

The sample banner features a fun and bold font with the text “Happy 4th Birthday, Olivia!” You can add your child’s name and age to the banner using this customizable feature, giving the decoration a special and one-of-a-kind touch. The text stands out and attracts attention because of the vivid and attention-grabbing colors used in it.










          The banner is embellished with vibrant bunting, a happy kite, and colorful balloons, all of which add to the festive atmosphere. These components create a happy and festive atmosphere that enhances any party. The design’s whimsical feel is further enhanced by the addition of clouds and butterflies, which perfectly capture the spirit of True and The Rainbow Kingdom.

Beginner’s Guides

Follow this instruction to use & download our templates:

  • Scroll-up a bit and you should see the provided link that says “EDIT NOW ON CANVA”, point your mouse pointer there and click it.
  • You will be directed to Canva page in seconds and now you can instantly edit/customize our template designs and download the file.
  • How to download: Move your mouse pointer onto the “File” button (top-left) > Downloasd > File Type > Choose One > Click the Download button.

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