9+ Tropical Boho Macaw Bird And Foliage Garden Party Invitation Templates

by Andrew

There is nothing better to represent Summer than greenery and exotic animals such as the Macaw Bird. For hundreds of years, it has been revered in the southern hemisphere, where it can be found near beautiful seashores. It represents the beauty of nature, and because of its lovely symbolism, the blossom greenery begins to captivate everyone’s attention with its delicate and distinct appearance.

How it’s relevant to these days’ trend?



          The summer has plenty of room for us to be more creative and surely make it different from the rest. But have you ever wondered how tropical summer themed invitation would look like? Discover how gorgeous it could be in the following designs,

          This is a beautiful collection consist of eight invitation card design and it will show you how the beautiful aspect that you can only get it in this Tropical Palm and Banana Leaves themed invitation card. Aesthetic Greenery Monstera, Palm, Pampas Grass and Banana leaves are renowned element for home décor in these days. Why couldn’t we also feature this in our party stationery? Right? Absolutely.



9+ Tropical Boho Macaw Bird And Foliage Garden Party Invitation Templates







9+ Tropical Boho Macaw Bird And Foliage Garden Party Invitation Templates


          In addition, I also have a couple more elements that completes the puzzle. I opted gorgeous rustic background, made of paper-grain like texture, paired with unique plank of wood.

Download Instructions

  • You need to left-click each image/template/preview you are going to use
  • A new pop up page will be shown shortly, then right-click the image
  • Select save image as and locate the destination folder
  • After that, you can either tap your “Enter” key or click “Save” to start the download process.
  • Software to open the file: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint (Paint3d), Corel Draw and etc.
  • Print the template on any printing paper you like. The best one is cardstock paper.

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