9+ Simply Beautiful Watercolor Tulip Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          Our invitations feature the beautiful Tulip and it’s a great choice for a warm and traditional addition to any events. It can be used in many and many styles, as it fits both modern and kind of vintage style that 2022 is clearly showing.

          These classy realistic watercolor painted images of each invitation design are what we widely recognized for. Throw a classic or vintage party by inviting your loved ones with our Vintage Floral invitation card. It’s suitable for numerous events, Wedding and Baby shower are no-exceptions.



Metallic gold frame will look gorgeous with the help of beautiful set of custom watercolor flower wreath right underneath it. There are six different styles you go for, like the plain one without additional drop-shadow, or if you like something in bright color and has glitter effect, then the gold foil border is undoubtedly fit to your style.


9+ Simply Beautiful Watercolor Tulip Birthday Invitation Templates



9+ Simply Beautiful Watercolor Tulip Birthday Invitation Templates





Using our templates, it will not only help you cut-down the long process of drawing or sketching how it looks, but also reducing the production cost, much and much lower than you go with traditional way. It is so easy to compare prices on all products, so you can save it for other elements at your party. Anyway, I bet many of you are wondering on which apps that’s required to be able to edit our template, aren’t you?

Downloading the template

  • Tell me which one is your favorite design (Oops, it’s joke :D).
  • Left-click your favorite template, then right-click it.
  • Select “Save image as” and locate the destination folder.
  • Then tap “Enter” to start the process.

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