9+ Luxury Marble And Stunning Gold Floral Frame Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          The awesome little details that this collection has displayed is astronomically out of this world. The beautiful Blush Ombre Marble design brings your sense of art to another level. Discover more about the details by reading this post. There is also a list of useful guides to make your party is a complete set of joyful event.


9+ Luxury Marble And Stunning Gold Floral Frame Invitation Templates


There is a key factor to achieve good first impression for your party. With less amount of money to spend, less time to produce a decent quality invitation and so on. Every details are matter, so is this collection. It’s like a whole new glimmered of hope, seeing this beautiful invitation also comes with Metallic rose gold ornaments.








9+ Luxury Marble And Stunning Gold Floral Frame Invitation Templates



If you are looking for a template that will stands out among the other, here we go, The Geometric style text-frame with the added Floral. These template designs offer an awe-inspiring design ideas. It can be decorated with such any beautiful font-styles. Yep! There is available space (text-frame), and we put the matching gold-frame as well as unique rounded shapes to liven up your entire card.

Download Information

          Actually, it may look a bit complicated, but it’s pretty simple though. You only need to right-click each one of your favorite design, once you clicked it, select “Save Image As”. Then locate the destination folder and tap “Enter” to start the download.


  • 3rd-party apps for the editing: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Paint and Corel Draw.
  • For beginner: Don’t ever think to use Adobe Photoshop if you’re completely new to this realm, unless you do have a couple of hours working and making a project using this software.
  • It would be enough for you to use those apps rather than using the software for “Advanced” user. It has variety of tools, which covers the basic for providing tools for “Text”, change the color and many more.

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