9+ Cute Animal Themed Zootopia Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          I think you would wish to have something that’s depicted from movie like SpongeBob, Raya and Cocomelon, to your party. It’s pretty normal for parents wanted to feature what their children actually loves. Another advantages for having movie themed birthday party is either there are tons of party supplies which you can buy it at dollar store, or you can get many inspirational design for party invitation.

What if you want to go for the party invitation? What should I do?

          You can consider to pick a better-known movie like what I have said above. For today, I’m going to bring and present it to you, my latest collection that involves playful Zootopia theme. If this is a kind of your thing, then please read the whole post to see all the details.





9+ Cute Animal Themed Zootopia Birthday Invitation Templates







          Zootopia takes place in imaginary city that’s fairly resembled the Manhattan. Based on this useful info, I thought it’d be cool to some sort of picture that reflects the actual scene in the movie. Fortunately, I found a good one, a beautiful picture of the city in Zootopia, which means the card used that picture for adorning the main layer, and the rest of the graphics such as Zootopia’s Characters (Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Finnick, etc.).

Download Instruction

  • Right-Click each one of your selection
  • Then select “Save Image As”, locate where you want the file to be saved in your device.
  • Click “Save”, or tap “Enter”, and the download process will start shortly

How to Personalize

To open/edit the file, you’re going to need one of these, either Microsoft Word or Photoshop (Absolute no-go for beginner) or Ms. Paint or using any image/photo editing software that already have installed in your device. If you’re using your smartphone, you can simply use Google Snapseed, the interactive and easy-to-use UI does the job very well and it’s easy for beginner.

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