8+ Pristine White Gold Floral Lining Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          Earlier this week, me and my little squad were on short trips of spending our time in nature. The third day of our short trip, my son and daughter woke me up and gave me a beautiful painting that my spouse had for me. They asked me to see and I went out from my bed with laptop in my hand. After we’ve been going out for a while, later that day, I sit next to my daughter and the funny thing is, we met our eyes, and we talked about the painting.

This got me inspired and without taking so much time, I decided to browse on Internet and did the sketching process. I bet all of you are wondering how it looks like, aren’t you? It looks like these, btw (see below).



          What are your thoughts? I think I did pretty good job on this ones. Yep, I encountered minor problems but gladly I was able to get over it quite easily. Anyway, this collection is focused on the use of Flower/Floral as the main element of the card and take the spotlight to attract everyone who reads it.


8+ Pristine White Gold Floral Lining Birthday Invitation Templates








The way how each elements were displayed in great proportion will help the card able to accommodate your party information as well as giving an insight look of how your party will look like. There are 9+ different designs or models, each have classy purple text box surrounded by gorgeous flower decorations in stunning gold and pristine white background.

Follow this to download the template

  • There are two basic ways to download the file:
    • Left-click the preview image > Right-click > Save Image As
    • Or directly Right-click > Save Image As
  • After that, locate where you want the file to be placed or saved in your device.
  • Then Tap your “Enter” key or click “Save”
  • For easier to access, you can place it on your desktop if you are using Laptop or PC.
  • Anyway, if you done with where the file is going to be placed, tap “Enter” to start the download process.
  • Once the download is finished, you can edit your template with any of these, Ms. Word and Adobe Photoshop.

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