8+ Playful Disney Brave Merida Themed Kids Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Here are some ideas to host your own Brave themed party!

          Needless to say, you’re going to have a perfect representation of your kid’s upcoming birthday. What could it be? The best answer is party invitation. Therefore, many parents and party planner are trying their best to resemble their events perfectly.


8+ Playful Disney Brave Merida Themed Kids Birthday Invitation Templates


          It’s a great time for celebrating the birthday boy and girl by incorporating the Brave into one of the key elements in your party invitation. Kids will love it! This invitation is perfect for Mom, who struggle to spare her time to set everything in place for her birthday. Now you can easily do the “designing” in just a couple of minutes.









          The awesome characters have been paired with just a simple, 2-section invitation card, whereas, the top part display scenes from Disney Brave, alongside stunning divider with hand drawn wavy-pattern dipped in sparkling gold. The bottom part is the place for your party details. With the chalkboard-texture, people will find it very amusing to watch, with your party detailed information is being presented in cute and colorful text.

          Now you can have a simply-designed kid’s birthday invitation with Brave Merida, moms. You can insert the text using your smartphone and if you don’t have printer device in your home, I’m sure you can still have time to ask your husband to print it somewhere (Lol).

How to Download

  • Right-Click your selection.
  • Select “Save Image As”.
  • Locate the destination folder, or for easy-to-access, you can put them on your desktop, or just leave it as it is.
  • Click “Save”, and the download process will take few seconds or less depending on how fast your internet access is.
  • Open the file through Microsoft Word or Paint (Beginner), or Adobe Photoshop (Advanced).

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