8+ Mauve And Dusty Blue Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

This year, we are all about floral, and color blue is setting up new style for party industry. Why? Despite the fact that blue flower like Rose doesn’t exist in nature, it’d be still attracting for everyone and people never knew they needed it. The innovative and fun way to use this trendy element in your party is by doing something like these,



Nearly all rose in the world is Hybrid Tea Roses and they are today’s most popular roses sold at florist shops. This gave me a reason to feature it in today’s collection, with several side buds and come in sorts of aqua blue and moss green color. Today’s version was actually the better rendition of my previous design, the added touch of artsy brushstroke watercolor background and faux gold text frame did make everything look better and I was very happy with the result and I do hope you are going to have similar thoughts as me.




8+ Mauve And Dusty Blue Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates






While flowers enhance the ambiance of any home and party décor during any season, they’re especially mood-boosting in the fall. Fall floral arrangements are just one of the ways you can still enjoy the great outdoors after summer ends. Plus, they’re the easiest way to incorporate a natural element in your home while giving it a chic, seasonal upgrade.

Download Instruction

  • Choose your favorite design, then Right-Click the template
  • Select “Save Image As”, Locate where the file will be saved in your device.
  • After that, hit “Enter” or click “Save”, and the download process will start automatically in a few seconds.
  • After the download has finished, check the file by opening it using either Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word or Paint (Only available in Windows).
  • Final words:
    • Print the file / template on cardstock paper (in 5×7” format).
    • There are many printing materials (Paper) out there, such as Cotton, Kraft, Linen, Standard text paper and etc.
    • Just buy thing that is suitable for your need as well as your budget. There is no need to push it too hard.

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