8+ Simple Invitation Card Templates with Palm Trees

by Moch Nasikhun Amin

“Hi!” to everyone except to those who do not use beeshower’s templates card.. haha. No, I’m kidding. I am currently thrilled to share with you guys this brand new cartoonic floral invitation card templates. These card templates radiate the theme of a village with a strong emphasis on the coconut trees. The coconut trees are being used in order to provide you who probably want to make a birthday party or wedding ceremony.

This theme also explores the reddish-but-not-really mood. This sort of theme best fits for teenage girls or even above, because who could resist to not using it, right? But of course, this card can be used for boys as well. Even if you don’t need it yet, you can unquestionably save it. I mean who knows that you will need it in the future? No one can guarantee. Therefore, I really encourage you to directly download it as soon as you read this.

To utilize this card, you can add some invitation details that you can write down in the center of the card. If you see the so-called white space in the center, it is a place for you to arrange your own creativity in regard to the invitation information.


You can immediately use it by downloading them for free and save it to your personal, safe space inside your very own storage. But you might be wonder how to use it, right? Worry no more. I will guide you gently towards the step-by-step on how to do it hassle-free.

  1. Place your cursor to the image
  2. Click its right button
  3. Choose the option of “save image as..”
  4. Choose the right place to save
  5. And name it as you want and click save button.

Have a good time with the card. Cheers!

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