8+ Beautiful Hand Drawn Princess And Her Carriage Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          If you’re having such a thought to celebrate your best mate and her newborn baby, you definitely need to host her a perfect shower party, like what I did recently. Luckily for you, I’ve gathered some information that could be very useful for you, before we go – I need to shout out to my school mate who helps me a lot to list this following tips as well as give me a bunch of ideas to craft a perfect template for my party invitations. Without further ado, let’s get it.


8+ Beautiful Hand Drawn Princess Birthday Invitation Templates and has solid white background


          First of all, you’ll need to think about how your party will be nailed down, what kind of theme that suit you best, how much your budget is and so on. For instance, in these following page, I’ve got a good example for you. This template was actually made for my little son, he recently invited all his mates to visit our home and spent their night together on the bedroom while celebrating my son’s birthday and also binge-watching some Cartoon Movies on Nickelodeon Channel. 

He really wanted to have a good sleepover party for his birthday, so I decided to did a little bit of magic for attracting all his friend, and one of them is – You know what it is – Yeah! That’s the invitation card (See the template design below). Since he really loves any kind that related to Bling-Bling stuff, thus, I made the template in the fanciest way that I could possibly get. Ha-ha.


8+ Beautiful Hand Drawn Princess Birthday Invitation Templates and has Princess castle


8+ Beautiful Hand Drawn Princess Birthday Invitation Templates and has Princess Carriage



8+ Beautiful Hand Drawn Princess Birthday Invitation Templates




As we can see, this following templates was decorated with stunning diagonal patterns in nice combination of Black, White, Pink, Red and also Dazzling Gold-finished colors to show off how dazzling the party could be! Besides that, I’ve also designed a pretty unique Pillow or Rectangular Shapes, and also mini-banner where you can put your party details on it.

  1. Crafting the Invitation Card
  2. After you have downloaded the template (Right Click – Save Image As)
  3. Open the file on Microsoft Word or Paint or Adobe Photoshop
  4. Add your personal details as well as the party information
  5. If the “editing process” is finished, you should get your supplies
  6. What do you need to buy?
    1. Printing Material: Card-stock, or Linen, or Kraft paper
    2. Some Inks and also napkins
    3. Ruler & Scissor (If you don’t have it)
  7. If everything is done. You could print the template using your own printer.


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