7+ Rustic Greenery Gender Reveal Invitation Templatets

by Andrew

Although the summer is drawing to an end, we refuse to let it go for nothing. The comfy warm weather and constant sunshine. It was very lucky for us that we could have an inspiration from Pinterest which shows a great display of a breathtaking baby shower party. It very helpful for us to hold onto the season a bit longer.

What was the result then? See the following ones,


7+ Rustic Greenery Gender Reveal Invitation Templates


Although summer is not all about greenery, the beautiful plants are still the most demanded decorations, whether it’s for home or party décor. They are insanely gorgeous from any directions, so does this collection. Coming in plenty of options to choose from, it makes them even better than buying from someone.

Each templates do have nice, organic illustrations which display the aesthetic looking leaf such as Palm, Banana, Eucalyptus, Green fern and so on. Those beautiful elements aren’t just a simple decoration, because we have rounded up many and many elements and ended up just a few that we personally think it’s great to be featured in.


7+ Rustic Greenery Gender Reveal Invitation Templates with Monstera leaves



7+ Rustic Greenery Gender Reveal Invitation Templates with eucalyptus leaves


7+ Rustic Greenery Gender Reveal Invitation Templates with aesthetic greenery leaves





          You may get this “Questions” running around in your mind, like “Is it already comes in Printable Format? Can I customize the template? What’s the best printing paper? Okay, I got your back, folks. Here are a few lists that you need understand,

  • Is it Printable?

          The answer is pretty obvious, by the way. Any template in our site has already been packed with such features; Printing as well as Editable Format.

  • How to customize it?

Before you jump into this step, it would be better if you know how to download it first, (Right-Click, Save Image As, Enter). Once the download is finished, for advanced user, I’d suggest you to open the template using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. For Beginner: Microsoft Word or even using Paints.

  • What’s the best paper for invitation card?

If you ask me for some recommendation, I’d suggest you to pick Card-stock Paper over the other one. It’s known to be used for Wedding, Birthday, and many Business occasion.

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